12 november Transform Tilburg – vision & practice

_Dear Human,_ 

By now many of us know that our current way of living on this planet is
destructive and endangering the future of any life on earth. We are in
need of a deep cultural and societal change for the sake of a good human
life and a better tomorrow. This is an invitation for us to exchange
perspectives and share experiences. While getting to know other
inspiring, concerned humans and starting a conversation about a vision
for a better future is the first part. The second part is about coming
up with possible concrete actions and solutions here in Tilburg. You are
invited to speak freely about your concerns, to envision with others how
we can change our lives and to find creative ways of doing things
differently. Afterwards we can eat together and continue with inspiring
conversations and ideas. 


The get-together will happen at the 12th of November at 2 PM 

The location outside of Tilburg will allow us contact to nature, a clear
reflection out of the fast pace of the city and concentration to
re-think our ways of tackling the problems of humanity. 


The address is Nieuwelijn 3. Meet and cycle from the Professor De
Moorplein together at 1:30 pm.