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Weldaad translated the most important parts of their website. Still the biggest part is in Dutch because it’s far too much work to translate everything. We translated at these parts of the website to minimise possible barriers for international visitors, although there is a lot more Dutch content for Dutch-speaking visitors. We do speak English and even have the most of our meetings in English. If you, as an international individual or group, would like further information or to get in contact with us, it is not a problem to communicate with us in English. Just send a email to: contact@georganiseerde-weldaad.nl

Who are we?
Weldaad consists of people with different beliefs who work on solutions and alternatives for a fairer and better world. We do not believe that the elite in the free market or government is actually doing this, because they want to keep their positions. Therefore, we call upon you to do this yourself and to take the initiative.

What’s the purpose?
Weldaad wants the government to treat citizens equally, irrespective of income, property, belief and/or origin. Citizens should have more influence on important public organisations that make decisions. We therefore believe that the people should be directly included in the
policy-making process.

Weldaad wants a more equal distribution of property, wealth and power throughout the world and the Western greed and selfishness, especially on the part of large companies, to come to an end. Worldwide, people are misled and exploited for maximum profit. We therefore believe that powerful individuals, organisations and big businesses are not allowed to have free reign and that they must adhere to strict environmental and social regulations.

What do we do?
Weldaad initiates and supports activities that contribute to achieving the goals. These activities include workshops, lectures and discussions to share information and exchange experiences. There are also campaigns and direct actions, such as demonstrations. The support of like-minded individuals and groups can come in the form of direct involvement, finances, advice and practical help. We are also conducting research, developing theories and strategies. Weldaad seeks to get as many as possible people involved in all these different activities.