Weldaad is a horizontal ‘grassroots-democratic’ association which generally deals with the treatment of ecological and social iniquities. Internally the organisation has no significant hierarchical differences and decision-making is done through consensus. At the weekly association meetings all relevant topics concerning Weldaad are discussed.

Weldaad has an internal network that exists of groups of people who apply themselves within the vision and general objectives of the organisation. These work-groups are working on projects aimed on actively contributing to finding solutions and alternatives for the dominant logic of capitalism. Projects or campaigns in which activities and actions develop themselves.

Furthermore the work-groups look for co-operation with like minded external groups that occupy themselves with autonomous initiatives and actions. This can be in the form of financial, legal or organisational support. This co-operation may also mean just expressing solidarity with or reporting of autonomous initiatives and actions of other groups

Weldaad tries to work together with other organizations and individuals to achieve their goals more effectively. This consists of contact with other system-criticizing organizations, legal advisors, independent media etc.

Weldaad is based on a D.I.Y point of view, which implies that we are independent of authorities, autonomous in organisation and if necessary anonymous in activities.